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FREE Sports Betting - Money Management System


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FREE Sports Betting - Money Management System

For potential customers of  


Please read this entire Sports Betting Money Management System and you'll see exactly why I only sell a LIFETIME Membership, and do not charge per game or a commission!


The #1 PROBLEM Most Sports Bettors have today is DISCIPLINE & MONEY MANAGEMENT and without BOTH it’s impossible to win long term period. So I’m constantly asked by customers & colleagues what system I use or implement. So I have decided to put my system down on paper for the entire world to see & use if inspired to. The great thing about this money management system is you don’t need a B.S. Degree in advanced calculus or mathematics to implement it. Please feel free to forward this Money Management System or repost it in its ENTIRE form for others to read.


I like to classify this system as the “3 level system with a weekly reconcile”.  Now depending on what kind of person you are and what type of risk you want to incur, is the level you will choose. The system remains identical for all 3 levels; you’re just risking a higher % per bet of your TOTAL Bankroll. Of course like anything else in life, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. So first you start off with your ideal bankroll, and what I mean is you take the TOTAL amount you are happy putting into play for the ENTIRE BETTING SEASON and if lost you would not even lose one night of sleep over! So let’s say for the sake of this example you want to invest $1,000 this season for sports betting and we’re going to use the low risk system which is 2% of your TOTAL bankroll per bet. Which I highly recommend!


Low Risk: 2% of your bankroll per bet.

So with a $1,000 bankroll you would wager $20 per bet (1,000 x .02=20). No PARLAYS! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot to bet per game, but this is the best way for you to actually make a profit long term and not have to lose any sleep at night or cause yourself any family problems/issues. Bet each play STRAIGHT UP. Now if you’re an action junkie and seem to like 8 games a day, then try combining multiple games into sweetheart teasers.

Let’s say you like 8 NFL games for Sunday, instead of having 16% of your entire bankroll at risk, just take 4 of the games and place them into ONE 4 Team 13pt Teaser, and take the other 4 games and place them into a SECOND 4 Team 13pt Teaser and wager $20 on each of the TWO teasers.  This way you’re only risking 4% of your Total bankroll on today’s card and you have adjusted the line 13pts in YOUR Favor on each of the 8 games you like. Sweetheart teasers are usually -120 to win 100 and are a very popular bet these days.

If your current book does not take sweetheart teasers, then get setup at an online sports book that does, one I like very much is The only downside to these teasers is that all 4 Teams in the bet must win, but you have adjusted the line 13pts in your favor. So if a team you like in the NFL is +8.5 let’s say, you now have that same team in your 13pt sweetheart teaser at +21.5. Never risk more than 3x your per bet on any given day and reconcile at the end of each week.  So you would never risk more than $60 in total wagers on any given day, this betting week for this example.


Week 1 Profit Example: Ok so let’s say you made $100 after week #1 of betting and your bankroll is at $1,100, well you take the $1,100 multiply it by the 2% and you have your new betting amount for the following week (1,100 x .02=22). So this week’s wager amount is $22 and you simply repeat the process each week until the end of the season.


Week 1 Loss Example: Ok so let’s say you lost $100 after week #1 of betting and your bankroll is at $900, well you guessed it! You take the $900 multiply it by the 2% and you have your new betting amount for the following week (900 x .02=18). So this week’s wager amount is $18 and you simply repeat the process each week until the end of the season.


Now at the end of the betting season, if your bankroll is extremely depleted then you might want to risk a whole lot less the following betting season. If your bankroll has extremely increased, then of course consider investing a little more the following season. Bottom line is if you stay disciplined and stick to the system EXACTLY as stated your chances of being a “successful sports bettor” will definitely increase, and the absolute worst case scenario is you lost a little bit of money for entertainment, but you’re not losing sleep at night, making yourself sick, or having family issues, and what’s that worth to you?


Moderate Risk System is 4% per bet - Just multiply the dollar amounts in the example above by two, wagering no more than 12% of Total Bankroll on any given day!


High Risk System is 6% per bet - Just multiply the dollar amounts in the example above by three, wagering no more than 18% of Total Bankroll on any given day!


Now because I want everyone to be successful at sports betting, I only offer a LIFETIME Membership Service, so at no point in your dealings with me will you be feeling pressure because you don’t have to pay me per pick or a commission per win. Remember sports’ betting is first and foremost an adrenalin rush for most of us, it’s our caffeine! I know from personal experience what it takes to be successful, and you might not get the EXTREME rush with this money management system that you would get from using the “bet more then you can afford” system, but you’ll still get a rush without the “CRASH” you get from betting the “more then you can afford to” system, and by “CRASH” I mean the sleepless nights, the sick to your stomach feeling, and the unavoidable family problems it causes. I have heard some really sad stories from my customers, and they pretty much all have the same theme.


Now in addition to this Free Money Management System, I show my paying lifetime picks customers how to change their betting advantage from -110 to AT LEAST +120 on all their straight wagers. Eliminating the VIG completely basically! This makes a HUGE difference too, because instead of having to WIN almost 53% of your plays ATS to be profitable, you now only need to WIN ABOUT 47% ATS, and the best thing about the +120 Betting System is that ANYONE WHO CAN BET ONLINE, CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! So if you like what you have read I definitely suggest spending the ONE-TIME Fee of $299 and becoming a customer today. You’ll be glad you did!


Oh and P.S. for all you Horse Racing Enthusiasts & Bettors out there,  this same system can basically get you up to 35% of your net losses back per month from the books when you wager on the ponies and you stay out of the comingled pools to increase your odds. The system is easy to implement and actually works!

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