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This is a sample sports picks article to demonstrate how the SEOpressor scoring system works.
First thing you’ll need to do is enter one of the keywords from the “keyword file” I sent you in the “SEOPressor keyword” section right below this post. You then will also place the keyword in the title section above as I did here with “sports picks“. Just click “save draft” at anytime to seo what the current SEOpressor score is. SEOpressor will tell you what you need to add as you move forward posting articles.

Sports Picks provided by Picks Network

I have an image in the gallery called “post image” which you can use for all the articles you write for me. You’ll see it adds the million dollar bill below. This image is jut for seopressor score purposes so just use this image for all of your keyword article writings. Basic rundown is add “post image” <h2></h2> tags and <h3></h3>  tags to each article and you’ll be fine. You will also link the keyword once to so for example “sports picks” is now linked to and the seopressor score should increase as you write the article and “save as draft”. As you can see from this example article the article has a score of over 90% and this would be fine to post. I will randomly check your article posts with my copyscape plugin to make sure the articles are 100% unique as this is extremely important, and if any articles need to be adjusted I’ll let you know. So please NO Copy & Pasting of information, but feel free to re-write or use PLR Articles as references if you need to as I want articles like this “sports picks” demo article to be semi readable too. Sports Picks!

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