Nfl Today

The American sports series Nfl Today that preecedes “The NFL CBS” the AMerican football program that is broadcasted on CBS Sports which usually airs at noon on the Sundays of the National Football League regular season in which the hosts and the studio analysts of the Nfl Today program comment on the latest NFL events and make thier game predictions.

The Early Nfl Today

On the seventeenth of September of the year 1961, the Nfl Today was the first remote fifteen minute pre game show that is broadcasted by the CBS Sports. Also with thr host Johnny Lujack who presented the “Pro Football Kickoff” that originated from NFL Stadiums around the country in which it was succeeded in 1962 and 1963 by the “NFL Kickoff” which is hosted by Kyle Rote.

In the 1964 season, “NFL Report” has been begun hosted by “Frank Gifford” that is later on would be retitled Nfl Today. The first version of the Nfl Today was a fifteen minute time in which the regional sports program who presented interviews with the National Football League players and coaches and also news and features about the National Football League. In the year 1967, the Nfl Today program expanded to a thirty minute time format preceding game coverage.

On the twentieth of September of the year 1970, The Nfl Today signed the industry pioneering women in which Marjorie Margolies produced and also reported the features and the actress Carole Howey.

Nfl Today from 1998 till the present

NBC Sports AFC contract expired and the CBS Sports  took over the rights to telecast its games in the year 1998 and in November of the year 2004, the National Football League signed a six year contracts with the CBS Sports for an amount of $ 622.5 million per year and also with FOX for an amount of $ 712.5 million in every year in order to continue broadcasting their respective AFC and also their NFC games from the 2006 season up to the 2011 National Football League season.

The Nfl Today broadcast The Super Bowl Nfl Today which is a triennial edition of the Nfl Today shows on Super Bowl Sunday that is only during CBS telivising of the Super Bowl.

Nfl Today


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