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NEW Quicky Reseller Sites ONLY $198 (Purchased from Global Login Page)

  • A Fully Functional Reseller Website setup under ( see a demo site )
  • 100% of the $99 LIFETIME PICKS Fees collected through your reseller site. Funds are paid directly into your PayPal account via the Picks Network checkout system. So you're paid directly from customers through
  • Any Revenue Generated from Banners placed on This includes any type of Affiliate Commission from Sportsbooks you promote on or Adsense, etc... The admin section of will allow you to place HTML Banner codes above or below's site text intro statement. So the possibilities are endless as to what you can earn. All you need to do is promote the site!


What we do after we receive Payment & Set-up Instructions:

  1. We set your site up:
    We’ll lay your site out with your chosen color scheme from the "Reseller Set Up Instructions" information we received from you. (usually in about 2 weeks from purchase)
  2. We host your site:
    The FIRST year of Hosting is included in the $198 Reseller Upgrade price. AFTER the First year of Hosting the price will be $99/year for hosting.
  3. We Submit your Reseller Site to the Search Engines:
    We’ll submit your site to 600,000 search engines and FFA pages once a month at no additional charge. You'll still need to promote the site however as competition is fierce in this industry. Visit our Resellers Tools page for free & cheap promotion ideas.
  4. We Supply Global Picks Login:
    Customers who sign-up through your site will be able to access our "Top Picks" directly from the Global Login page as you currently do now.


Your reseller site will offer our "Lifetime Picks Package" only at the same rate as currently charges, which is $99. The only difference being your website and's is you will not offer the “Lifetime Reseller” package. We allow current Picks-Only Customers to purchase the "LIFEITME Reseller Upgrade" from the Global Login page for $198 at ANYTIME. These NEW Quicky Reseller Sites take a few days to setup (depending on how many sites we are developing at the time), and will look exactly like This Demo Reseller Site and of course will read whatever available domain name you choose for your site.


By purchasing service from Picks Network you agree to the Terms of Service below...

Picks Network Terms of Service
"Do The Right Thing And All Will Be Fine!"
We have the below Terms of Service in place because there are always unscrupulous people & competitors trying to take advantage of our LIFETIME Sports Picks Service, as we have become a larger and larger threat to the Sports Picks Industry. So unscrupulous Scamdicappers, Customers, Competitors will not be tolerated; our service is so inexpensive there should be no reason to try and steal it, redistribute it, or take advantage of it. If the people want our TOP SPORTS Picks, have them purchase as you did. So the following Terms of Service were put into place to protect Picks Network, and to be able to provide a Quality yet inexpensive LIFETIME Sports Picks.

U.S. & Non U.S. Citizens Please Note:
The information contained at this site and/or any if its affiliate and/or reseller sites are for NEWS, INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of any federal, state or local law is prohibited. If you choose to use the information provided by this website to place wagers, then you are responsible for your own actions. Again YOU are Responsible for YOUR own actions.

Sharing Picks Is Not Permitted:
Your LIFETIME Picks Fee gives you access to the Global Login Page from ONE IP Address Only. Do NOT share your Username & Password with anyone. Just DO THE RIGHT THING and you’ll never have to worry about your service being terminated. If you require additional IP’s they can be purchased from the Login Page for a small fee, which will entitle you to an additional access point with your Username & Password. So please purchase the additional IP’s when/if needed as there will be no warnings for this violation and service will be terminated if your username & password is accessing the system from different IP’s. So if you login from another location make sure you purchase the additional IP immediately. If you’re ever in doubt always send an email from the Global Login Page to the support staff and this will usually remedy the situation. So AGAIN, just do THE RIGHT THING! If you ever have any questions you can always email us.

Lifetime Service Policy:
Lifetime Service is good for as long as the current Picks Network owners/management is in place and supplying TOP SPORTS PICKS and that you “the customer” do NOT violate the Terms of Service listed here on this page. Picks Network has been providing our LIFETIME Picks Service since August 1, 2009 and does NOT plan on going anywhere anytime soon, but no one can predict the future with any kind of certainty.

All Sales Are Final:
Once you purchase service from Picks Network or its Resellers “all sales are final” Picks Network does not make any warranties or guaranties regarding other reseller websites, the accuracy of our picks, information, analysis or stats provided by this website. Again all the information provided by this website is to be used for news & entertainment purposes only.

Reserve The Right:
Picks Network reserves the right to add to these Terms of Service at anytime to keep up to date with the constantly changing online industry. So please visit the Terms of Service page from the Global Login Page periodically after you have purchased service. But if you just always “DO THE RIGHT THING” you will be provided with our TOP SPORTS PICKS for LIFE of Picks Network with absolutely NO WORRIES. That’s our GUARANTEE TO YOU, SO WELCOME ABOARD!

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